Saturday, 21 January 2012

Real problems?

Watch the following video and write about it.

What do you think about the video? What is the message beyond the images? How do you feel about the most of our day-to-day worries and problems? Are they really that much important?
What about the new technologies? Are they useful? Do we depend too much on them? Do you think the technological progress has changed social values? Do we still know what is essentially important and what is not? How do you think life would be without so much technology?


  1. I think that the video is very exaggerated for the subject of the small problems of new technologies, to bring the small problems of technologies into reality, because they look larger than reality.
    I believe that new technologies are useful, but not all, some things are absurd as some mobile phones, on the other hand, computers and some of their programs are very useful for daily work.
    These new technologies they have done make people not to want to learn more about historical things and others things, as they posses all computers that tell them when they want to know.
    I think we can not imagine how this life would be like, because we are living in a avanced society and we are not able to imagine things like these.

    1. I disagree with Toni Pons, because I believe that technology helps us do some daily tasks much faster, especially computers, and for example, we use mobile phones to communicate. If we had not technology we wouldn't have many things in daily life that are necessary.

  2. The video is very funny because it talks about computer problems as if they happened in real life and I think the message is that we worry more about technologies than we should. About the daily problems of the computer I don't worry a lot, because I always try to solve them myself, and if I can't, I call a specialist. Also I don't think they are very serious problems, as we could live without solving them.

    New technologies are very useful because they allow us to communicate much faster and they help us solve common problems very easily. They are also getting better. But I think we depend a lot on the computer and mobile phone because we think that this way we have more social life. I think technologies have changed the social values a little, because before people related more face to face and now everything is chats and social networks.

    I think we know what is really important in life but we forget it some times. I think life without technology wouldn't be the same, because we wouldn't have got much information as now.

  3. When I watch the video what I see are the problems that we have every day, explained in a funny way. I feel identified because I never know which problems I will have to overcome, especially with computer problems. I have never been very smart with computers, when there is a problem I get nervous but computers and new technologies are the future. If you do not know how to use a computer, a photocopier, or other technology they will not hire you anywhere, and will find someone else who knows.
    Technologies have changed the way people live. Now we live a more comfortable life , but it is the only one we know and if we do not have the best TV, the best computer, the best mobile phone and the best technologies it seems to us that we live in another time.
    I believe that life without technology would be good, in the past people lived without technologies and they were happy.

  4. I think this video wants to reflect the new technology and the advances quite rapidly.
    Technologies help us live an easier way, and communicate faster and easier to understand the message. I think many people could not live without technology because they have lived with it a long time and we are used to using them, so, life without technology could be a little bit different, because life without technology could be a bit more complicated.

    1. The message we want to believe is that technology can bring you trouble.
      When you think of a problem you get hysterical. New technologies are very useful but we are too dependent on them because today it is all technology and if it fails, we can not do anything. Technological progress has changed social values because people communicate through technology. Life without technology would not be as modern as it is now. You better have small glitches than a life without technology.

    The video parodies the problems that we have during our lives. People worry too much about small problems. Actually, the problems depend on the type of life, not everybody has the same worries. If everybody experienced hard problems of life, hunger, cold, even not having a roof, we would think otherwise.
    I think that people who have had a hard life and have lived with a little, they value things more than people who have had an easier life.
    Today, we live in a consumer world and children grow up with too much, they have so much to play with, that things lose value.
    Everybody should learn from these people who with a little, they are happy!

  6. The video is funny. I think the message is that technology in real life is flawed. I think the new technology is very important because it makes life easier, I think it is a very important step for humans. I think we depend too much on it, and it is harmful in some ways because there are people who spend hours in front of a computer. Life without technology would be very difficult because we have got used to using it in virtually everything we do. Now a lot of people would not know how to do anything without computers...

  7. The video is very good, I think it is very successful. The video wants to transmit us that we depend much on technologies.

    I think that these are very useful but we must not abuse, because we get used to the fact that only doing a click we have it all and we do not worry about searching any more.

    We are so used to the fact that everything goes fast and that it works exactly, that when a thing goes slow or it does not work very well we despair and we do not want it.

    I can not imagine completely a life without technologies, but I think it would be a bit exasperating since we are very used to them and we use it for almost everything.

  8. I believe that in life we will always have problems but sometimes we worry more than the situations require. I think when we have a problem what we should do is taking it positively. Although it isn't always easy.
    As we talk about new technologies, I think that they are very useful because they make our work easier and save us much time if we use them well.

  9. We wouldn’t know what to do without technology in our lives. Everything we do is based on it.
    Nowadays, we depend on technology too much, and if something doesn’t work we panic.
    In my opinion it is important according to the places it is used, for example in a hospital where it can be useful.
    Not being able to live without our PC or mobile phones changes our values of life, we don’t know what is really important and what isn’t, we become hooked to technology.
    The message that we receive from watching the video is exaggerated but could be true in the future, if our machines, apparatus fail our lives become a chaos.