Tuesday, 29 May 2012


After watching the segment of the film 300 a debate has arisen. As shown in the film, in ancient Greece, Spartan children were trained to be strong soldiers and those who were weak or handicapped were despised or even killed. What do you think about that? Would you still have a baby if you knew that he/she would have some kind of disability forever? What about that control certain cultures take on the number of children allowed?
Write about it and feel free to comment on any of your callsmates' contributions.


  1. If you ask me, I'll tell you it's not fair, because having only one child can be bad, because some times he is going to feel alone because he won’t have anyone to play with or to help him, among other things.
    And if I could only have one child and know he will be sick, I would have him too, because I would love him anyway. Although you prefer him to be healthy, because all children deserve to grow up, they enjoy life as all the people.
    In my opinion, I think it is impossible to educate someone to be a hero, but to be a king I think you can, because you only have to teach manners.
    And finally, about the fact that the whole population in ancient Greece consisted of healthy and strong people, I think it's very bad that people despise people who aren’t perfect, we all have defects and we have to take it naturally, instead of killing the children who are born different from the other.

  2. I think that it isn't only fair that in some cultures people may have only one child because it is as if they didn't have rights over their live.

    If I was expecting a child with a disability I would have it because later I could not forget that I had somehow killed a life because I am not in favour of abortions.

    To train someone to be a king or a hero is possible but they need much training and it is not easy for you to dedicate time to train so hard.

    I am totally against what they did in ancient Greece, all children with a disability have the right to live and not be different because they are human beings like us and can do almost what we do and others have less difficulty than we do have to do other things.

  3. In my opinion, I think every couple should have the children they want according to their economic conditions and if they love children. Also, there are children with a disease, some of them have solution but others last for a life time, and it's a pity.

    I think it is impossible to educate a child to be a hero, children do not have super powers, because that only exists in science fiction.

    Finally, I think, killing people is a crime because they are people too and deserve to live as we do too. So, they deserve everyone's respect.

  4. I think that those cultures that can only have a child must be due to an excess of population. a great example are Chinese. They can only have a child because there would be soon, two people in a square meter.

    If I only have a child,who has a chronic disability, the first day I would not know what to do,it)would be strange butI would have to get used then because it is my child. i think that it's possible to get used to it, but to train someone to be a king i think that it is impossible.

    I think that, disabled people are like other people, they just do not have the same facilities as normal people do, but the Spartans had to kill the disabled,they are healthy as the others, maybe they even are more intelligent than them, too.